Hot spring
Hot spring, which comes directly from a hot-spring source.Soaking in it, you can relax mentally and physically.
Beppu is the world-famous hot spring town. There are 3 bathrooms in our Yamada Bessou.Two indoor baths with quaint old-fashioned tile, and one cozy open-air bath.Both come directly from a hot-spring source, then from morning till night,always natural hot spring is bubbling.You are totally free from hustle and bustle, and just in the tranquil world.You will forget any stressful things soaking in the mild hot spring.
Open-air bath.Our simple and cozy open-air bath surrounded by greenery is very popular among our guests.Especially in winter, you can feel at ease body and soul.
Indoor bath.There are two indoor baths with quaint old-fashioned tile laying floor.
Each bath is divided for men and women.